Chapter2 Getting Started

Table of Contents

OpenEmbedded Directory Structure
Getting BitBake
Getting BitBake Using Subversion
Updating BitBake
Getting OpenEmbedded
Checking Out OpenEmbedded With Git
Updating OpenEmbedded
Changing Branches
Configuring OpenEmbedded
Environment Setup
Local Configuration
Building Software
Useful Target Recipes

OpenEmbedded Directory Structure

Before you begin downloading OpenEmbedded, you need to setup your working environment.

The first step is to decide where on your system you wish to work. This document will use the $OEBASE variable to denote the base directory of the OpenEmbedded environment. For example, $OEBASE could be /home/joe/work/oe.

The base directory of your OpenEmbedded environment ($OEBASE) is the location where sources will be checked out (or unpacked). You must choose a location with no symlinks above it.

To create the directory structure:

$ mkdir -p $OEBASE/build/conf
$ cd $OEBASE

The $OEBASE/build directory will contain your local configurations and extensions to the OpenEmbedded system which allow you to build your applications and images.

The $OEBASE will also contain both bitbake/ and openembedded/ directories. These will be discussed in the section called ˇ°Getting BitBakeˇ± and the section called ˇ°Getting OpenEmbeddedˇ±.