Chapter3 Metadata

Table of Contents

File Layout
Writing Meta Data (Adding packages)

File Layout

OpenEmbedded has six directories three of them hold BitBake metadata.

The conf directory is holding the bitbake.conf, machine and distribution configuration. bitbake.conf is read when BitBake is started and this will include among others a local.conf the machine and distribution configuration files. These files will be searched in the BBPATH environment variable.

classes is the directory holding BitBake bbclass. These classes can be inherited by the BitBake files. BitBake automatically inherits the base.bbclass on every parsed file. BBPATH is used to find the class.

In packages the BitBake files are stored. For each task or application we have a directory. These directories store the real BitBake files. They are the ones ending with .bb. And for each application and version we have one.