Adding a new Package

This section is a stub, help us by expanding it. Learn by example, go through the recipes that are already there and mimic them to do what you want.

building from unstable source code

Building against the latest, bleeding-edge source has some intricacies of its own. For one, it is desirable to pin down a souce code revision that is known to build to prevent random breakage in OE at the most inopportune time for all OE users. Here is how to do that properly.

  • for svn: add 'PV = "1.1+svnr${SRCREV}"' to your bb file.

  • for cvs: add 'PV = "1.1+cvs${SRCREV}"' to your bb file.

Accompany either with an entry to conf/distro/include/ for a revision that you know builds successfully.

If you really absolutely have to follow the latest commits, you can do that by adding 'SRCREV_pn-linux-davinci ?= ${AUTOREV}' to your local.conf, for example. In this case, you'd build against the most recent and unstable source for the pn-linux-davinci package.