Getting BitBake

Before using OE, you must first obtain the build tool it needs: bitbake.

It is recommended to run bitbake without installing it, as a sibling directory of openembedded/ and build/ directories. Indeed, as bitbake is written in python it does not need compilation for being used. You'll just have to set the PATH variable so that the BitBake tools are accessible (see the section called ˇ°Configuring OpenEmbeddedˇ±).

Getting BitBake Using Subversion

To checkout the latest version of the BitBake 1.8 branch, use the following command:

$ cd $OEBASE
$ svn co svn:// bitbake

BitBake is checked out now and the $OEBASE directory will contain a bitbake/ subdirectory.

If you need to access a Subversion server through a proxy, see the SVN FAQ

Updating BitBake

Bitbake is being revised fairly often. Periodically it's a good idea to check the repository of bitbake stable branches to see if a new stable branch is available or if the current branch has been revised. Compare your existing bitbake directory with the latest bitbake branch in the repository. Your existing bitbake branch and its 'last changed revision' number can be found as follows:

$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn info

If there is a new stable branch, you will want to move or delete your existing bitbake directory and repeat the process listed above under "To obtain bitbake". If there is no new branch, it is easy to update bitbake:

$ cd $OEBASE/bitbake; svn update