Getting OpenEmbedded

Note: Once upon a time OpenEmbedded used Monotone for version control. If you have an OE Monotone repository on your computer, you should replace it with the Git repository.

The OpenEmbedded metadata has a high rate of development, so it's a good idea to stay up to date. You'll need Git to get the metadata and stay up to date. Git is available in most distributions and has binaries at Git homepage.

Checking Out OpenEmbedded With Git

Once you have installed Git, checkout the OpenEmbedded repository:

$ cd $OEBASE
$ git clone git://

The $OEBASE/openembedded/ directory should now exist.

Updating OpenEmbedded

The branch of OpenEmbedded is updated very frequently (as much as several times an hour). The distro branches are not updated as much but still fairly often. It seems good practice to update your OpenEmbedded tree at least daily. To do this, run:

$ cd $OEBASE
$ git pull

Changing Branches

Working with multiple branches is very easy to do with Git. The OpenEmbedded repository holds many branches. To list all branches, use this command:

$ git branch -a

Branch names that begin with origin/ denote branches that exist on the remote server. The name with a * in front of it is the branch currently checked out. If you want to work with a remote branch, you must first create a local copy of it. The following command will create a local copy of a remote branch:

$ git branch  

To change branches, use this command:

$ git checkout 

There are more complicated branch operations that can be done with git, but those are beyond the scope of this document.