Practically all recipes start was the header section which describes various aspects of the package that is being built. This information is typically used directly by the package format (such as ipkg or deb) as it's meta data used to describe the package.

Variables used in the header include:


Describes what the software does. Hopefully this gives enough information to a use to know if it's the right application for them.

The default description is: "Version ${PV}-${PR} of package ${PN}".


The URL of the home page of the application where new releases and more information can be found.

The default homepage is "unknown".


The section is used to categorise the application into a specific group. Often used by GUI based installers to help users when searching for software.

See SECTION variable for a list of the available sections.

The default section is "base".


The default priority is "optional".


The license for the application. If it is not one of the standard licenses then the license itself must be included (where?).

As well as being used in the package meta-data the license is also used by the src_distribute class.

The default license is "unknown".