Configuration covers basic items such as where the various files can be found and where output should be placed to more specific items such as which hardware is being targeted and what features you want to have included in the final image. The main configuration areas in OE are:


This directory contains machine configuration information. For each physical device a configuration file is required in this directory that describes various aspects of the device, such as architecture of the device, hardware features of the device (does it have usb? a keyboard? etc), the type of flash or disk images needed for the device, the serial console settings (if any) etc. If you are adding support for a new device you would need to create a machine configuration in this directory for the device.


This directory contains distribution related files. A distribution decides how various activities are handled in the final image, such as how networking configured, if usb devices will be supported, what packaging system is used, which libc is used etc.


This is the main bitbake configuration file. This file is not to be edited but it is useful to look at it since it declares a larger number of the predefined variables used by OE and controls a lot of the base functionality provided by OE.


This is the end-user specific configuration. This file needs to be copied and edited and is used to specify the various working directories, the machine to build for and the distribution to use.